Poster of Cap Ferret, Atelier Vauvenargues, La Rue Française

The French landscape, its heritage, its culture, is the inspiration of Atelier Vauvenargues and graphic creations to embellish your interior.

Atelier Vauvenargues wish to sublimate French heritage with graphic creations that turn into posters to hang in your place of residence.

The Atelier Vauvenargues pays homage to France under several inspirations. For the posters of the French geographical territory, the inspiration comes directly from the earth. View from the sky, typography, very geographical contours of each territory adorned by the symbolic and iconic places of the places put forward. Each poster is available in 4 different colours: terracotta red, olive green, sky blue and navy blue.

Ile de Ré poster, vauvenargues workshop, the french street

Enough to allow you to choose the perfect color to match your interior decoration.

Atelier Vauvenargues also sublimates what builds French heritage, such as gastronomy, oenology, literature and also stamps! The collage posters are an accumulation of labels, book covers, images which are grouped together to form the map of France.

Posters of French cheeses, Atelier Vauvenargues, La Rue Française

We let you discover the different inspirations of Atelier Vauvenargues through its different posters on our site!

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French Street.

September 30, 2021 — Ambre PUECH

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