sardine notebook

The story of Bleu Coquille begins with the passion of its creator for painting, and more specifically for watercolour.

Her passion pushes her to create her own company and her stationery brand made in France. If you take a closer look at the creations of Bleu Coquille, you will quickly understand that the inspiration of its creator is drawn from her place of life which is Brittany.

inner shell blue notebook

Blue lobster, sardines and fishing boots are there to brighten up our office supplies and also our interior decoration. Let this iodized and invigorating air enter your interior to remind you of the sound of the waves, the smell of the sea, the taste of salt.

basket of crabs, posters

Each creation is first imagined and drawn, then painted in watercolor by its creator. The drawing is then adapted to each support and reproduced in print in a workshop in France, of course. Admire the nuances that the watercolor technique brings to each creation, offering us shades of color and depth for all the achievements.

It's time to bring your emergency Bleu Coquille creation, available on our website

Englishy'vely yours,

French Street.

September 13, 2021 — Ambre PUECH

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