I don't know about you, but what really marked us when we got to know the La Brute Epoque brand was the IDENTITY that each creation could release.

As soon as we look at each creation, it is easy for us to project ourselves and imagine which woman would be the portrait of this pair of earrings.

At the same time retro, preppy, traveler, adventurous, quirky, eccentric, sweet, spicy... Each personality can be found in the creations of Laetizia, the designer behind La Brute Epoque.


La Brute Epoque, as its founder and self-taught jewelry designer explains, is a colorful universe, punctuated by pop and retro culture, which aims to be resolutely contemporary.

But you will tell me, where does so much inspiration come from?

Easy, it is a whirlwind of references between painting, architecture, fashion and nature which intermingle and which allows La Brute Epoque to offer us costume jewelery with a very marked character and identity.


You will discover on our site the creations of La Brute Epoque and you will really understand the meaning of our article at that time.

Be ready to discover the world around Greece with the pair Athens , or walking on the beach with the pair Malibu ...

If you dream of a pop and colorful universe; retro or vintage then we advise you to fall for the pair of dangling earrings Melila or even the Naha (available in several colors).

And if you're more head in the clouds, head to your future vacation, don't miss the pair Atlantis Seashell Where Pearl .

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June 04, 2021 — Ambre PUECH

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