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Maison Cérès is a French stationery brand that wants to bring grandma's notebooks up to date.

This inspiration will guide each product creation of the stationery brand. Maison Cérès is also the desire to combine aesthetics, pleasure and ecology.

House Ceres

The Maison Cérès product ranges: diary , notebook and thoughts are produced on upcycled paper made from fruit residues from the food industry. Maison Cérès therefore actively participates in the new generation of stationery that creates without cutting down trees. A real revolution in the middle.

The two designers of Maison Cérès want to reinvent iconic stationery products by combining eco-design, French manufacturing and timeless design.

House Ceres

Each creation is printed and shaped in France, and more precisely in Lille. The stationery brand wishes to favor the local, the human and the quality. Diaries, notebooks and thoughts are sublimated afterwards, with hot foil stamping.

Hot foil stamping is a traditional technique which takes up the codes of the gilders of the 18th century, and still remains today a meticulous work requiring the precision of a goldsmith and precise know-how.

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