Aigrelette Pouch Camaïeu de Bleu
Aigrelette is a very young brand of accessories made in Isère, founded by Marion. 

The essence of Aigrelette revolves around women, creativity and self-fulfilment. 
Beyond her own experience, Marion wishes to offer creations that speak to all women. Aigrelette evolves and invents itself through the personality of its ambassadors. 

For the launch of its first collection, Aigrelette offers us a range of handbags/clutches: essential and favorite accessories for all women. 
Our handbag reflects our personality. It accompanies us in our daily lives, and contains our essentials. 
It is also often put forward to reveal the personality of an individual, like the portrait videos of Vogue. 

The handbag designed by Aigrelette is the two-in-one that we love. Handbag with a chain handle for our always overbooked daily life or even a clutch to hold in the hand during our evenings. 
It is in this spirit, to be the reflection of our life and our daily life, that Aigrelette wishes to flourish. A companion of life and adventure that looks like us. 
Always in the interest and the reflection of being the ideal ally, the Aigrelette handbag/clutch is thought out to have the perfect size in order to put all our necessities, to remain within reach without cluttering us.

Creations imagined and designed out of love for women and their daily lives. 

Find the Aigrelette collection on . 

Englishy'vely yours, 

French Street. 
March 02, 2022 — Ambre PUECH

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