Gingel Bell, Gingel Bell...

The bells ring the start of the festivities and launch of the Christmas period! Our social media feeds are flooded with promotions of beloved Christmas movies, plaid and hot chocolate sales have surged, and the cold is settling in peacefully. We are there, and La Rue Française will be no exception to the rule!

Moreover, this is our first Christmas with you the Frenchy' Team! Christmas is a holiday that I particularly like. I love the atmosphere, the magic, the tree, the gifts, the moments of sharing, the reunions with the family... I am really attached to this moment of conviviality.

It is therefore with passion that I wish to share this moment with you and help you as Christmas approaches for your preparations and your gift ideas!

At La Rue Française, we want to promote products made in France by craftsmen and designers, and all this without breaking the bank. The value of our products is not found in its price but in its history.

La Rue Française therefore offers you a small selection of 10 gift ideas for less than 50 euros to please your whole family!

1 - A French kiss please t-shirt

2 - The undated diary and the Maison Cérès notebook

3 - A Postera poster

4 - The Map of France of the Vineyards of Atelier Vauvenargues

5 - A pair of Maison Causettes socks

6 - The Amalthée Care Pack

7 - The Aliena or Nora ring from Berlingot Bijoux

8 - The Feel Good Notebook by Papier Tigre

9 - Nicole Studios' favorite Betty

10 - The Pampille necklace by Berlingot Bijoux


Englishy'vely yours


November 12, 2021 — Ambre PUECH
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