Light breeze, set the sails!

And yes, let's go to Brittany to tell you about Elgée Bijoux! Huuuuummmm I can already see your eyes full of gluttony thinking of the many seafood, galettes and delicious pancakes that take shape in your imagination.

Come back down to earth, we're talking treasure over here! Gold jewelry and semi-precious stones ... real pirate booty.


And yes, I'm boring you with metaphors around the sea and pirates, but that's where the inspiration for Stéphanie, the founder of Elgée Bijoux, lies.

There is really an influence on the choice of its materials which are resistant to life, the beach and water, as well as in the colors offered which evolve with the seasons.


For this proposed collection, Elgée Bijoux wants to work in particular on golden stainless steel which corresponds to its universe and that of its brand. The important thing is to compose timeless jewels that can be kept despite the passage of time and embellish them or set them with semi-precious stones in order to give them all their cachet and authenticity.

Dive into the abyss with the pair of Blue Sun earrings or come back to terra firma with the Cauri Necklace . This summer will be sandy and salty with Elgée Bijoux creations.

Name of a grain of menhir, it's time for you to discover all this!!

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French Street.

July 05, 2021 — Ambre PUECH

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