Leave room in your bathroom for French cosmetics, body care from France and from French craftsmanship. 

Yes, yes all this is possible thanks to Chloé, the founder of Jacqueline Concept. 
Jacqueline Concept offers us a range of different solid soaps for the body and face but also for our home. 

Jacqueline.. OK! Concept … Why? 

The imagination of our craftswoman does not stop there because she wishes to create around her artisanal soap making, a real concept around well-being and bathing. 

Handmade solid soap

And yes, the range will soon expand to offer us new recipes for our beloved soaps, but also textile products for leaving the bath and accompanying this tender moment of pleasure.

Let's not stop there… Jacqueline Concept is also the distribution of a newspaper around the craft lifestyle universe (cooking, fashion, decoration, music…)
Something to give rhythm to our lives as consumer-actors!


Handmade solid soap

Be ready, we present to you a preview of its sphere soap accompanied by its soap dish! And the range will not stop growing to offer you new products that are good for your body and that you will love!

Englishy'vely your,

French Street

July 11, 2021 — Ambre PUECH

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