We present to you in this article, one of our favorites: La Fabrik.

This is a young French company, specializing in the design of concrete decorative objects.

We really fell in love with La Fabrik's creations and it was therefore obvious to share them with you on our site.

Who is LaFabrik?

La Fabrik is a family business from the South of France which specializes in the design of interior decoration objects in concrete. The creations are designed and manufactured by hand, in an artisanal way in their workshop.

La Fabrik wants to oppose the concept of fast fashion and offer reasoned and sustainable manufacturing for better quality consumption. The choice of the raw material is part of this reasoning. Indeed, concrete makes it possible to obtain quality creations, which last over time.

In order to respond to this issue of sustainability, the models are imagined and created to remain timeless.

TIMELESS is the word that best characterizes La Fabrik's approach to designing its creations.

Why concrete?

La Fabrik is a family story, and a desire to do business together. In 2018 the creators of La Fabrik feel a desire to create and produce with their hands. La Fabrik is born and the choice of concrete becomes obvious. The creators want to popularize this mineral matter in a way other than those we already know.

And we can only validate their choice.

Let yourself be charmed by the clean and minimalist lines of the concrete decorative objects made by La Fabrik. Timeless creations that will match your interior.

Presentation tray, storage compartment, box, vase, door stopper, soap dish... Make the choice to bring this mineral touch to your interior.

Find all La Fabrik products on the website, right here!

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October 25, 2021 — Ambre PUECH

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