Berlingot Bijoux is a young jewelery brand created by Laura, a talented designer who loves working on her creations as much as wearing them.

Berlingot Bijoux is the desire to imagine everyday jewelry that looks like you and reveals your identity. It is not an accessory in the eyes of the designer but a real outfit in its own right. Your Berlingot Bijoux jewelry personifies you, and characterizes you as a human being, as a woman or as a man.

The creator of Berlingot Bijoux, chooses to work only with gold, with stainless steel, brass or fine gold gilding that she assembles with semi-precious stones with different characteristics and virtues.

The power of semi-precious stones are to be adopted according to your personality, and your character traits. Each human being has a particular sensitivity to stones.

Berlingot Bijoux works its creations with finesse. We find the classic codes of jewelry with the presence of freshwater pearls, golden color, while working the shape in a modern and contemporary way. You'll make a splash any time of your day, even for your dressiest outfits.

Come and discover the Berlingot Bijoux creations on our website exclusively HERE !

Englishy'vely yours,

French Street.

October 21, 2021 — Ambre PUECH

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