Maison Matine Fragrance Collection

We note that the revolution of cosmetics, care and hygiene products has been underway for some time, for our greatest happiness!

We find healthy, committed products, natural and organic products for the respect of our skin, and our whole body. And the perfume in there?

Perfume Maison Matine, Before the storm, La Rue Française

Maison Matine is the grouping of two perfumery enthusiasts who have decided to revolutionize and break with the image of branded perfume that we find in our current society.

Down with the dictates of abusive femininity, exacerbated sensuality even sexualized to death, of the overly virile man.

Maison Matine reinvents perfume in its composition and also in its image. Perfume is mutineering at Maison Matine. It wants to be casual, mixed and graphic.

Each perfume has a very marked personality around its smell, and its olfactory notes, staged by the excellent work of two graphic designers. Perfumes with their own identity, with a character and an image.

Maison Matine perfumes leave room for simplicity and diversity with their range of perfumes. It is aimed at a generation in search of independence and creativity. The Maison Matine perfume is your identity, your character.

And with that, the Maison Matine perfume is also made in France, recycled packaging, plastic-free, a recyclable cap, and organic alcohol. Even if it means wanting to revolutionize the world of perfumery, you might as well go all out, right?

Perfume Warni Warni

Maison Matine perfumes offers a sustainable offer coupled with a social commitment. The perfumes are created and developed in France from organic wheat alcohol. Their new collection is even made with ingredients of natural origin, synthetic clean and vegan. Maison Matine favors ethically sourced natural ingredients.

Trust us and try the Maison Matine experience with our selection available on the website !

PS: the olfactory notes are extraordinary with all this!

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November 08, 2021 — Ambre PUECH

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