Have you ever wondered what happens to the shells of the molluscs (oysters, mussels, scallops) that we eat?

Well Malakio has the answer to your question. The shell is queen at your table! Do not throw your shells in the trash, send them directly to the creators of Malakio.

Malakio is a young Breton company specializing in innovation and eco-design of tableware and decoration objects made from mollusc shells. A noble, local, 100% natural and renewable raw material.

It was obvious for the two creators of the decoration brand Malakio, that their adventure in entrepreneurship also had to rhyme with a sensible, eco-responsible and ethical approach.

205,000 tons of shellfish are consumed in France each year, that's when Malakio comes into the picture. Malakio recycles shells to create products that will adorn your daily table, such as great days with friends, family or aperitif.

What put a bit of Brittany, iodized air and authenticity on your table with elegance and charm.

At La Rue Française, beyond loving the products, we really fell in love with the approach of the Malakio company. Undertake an eco-responsible approach, combine your skills to think about a new decoration brand that makes sense, made in France, we love it.

We continue to want to support these French companies and their initiatives that combine the good and the beautiful. The desire to produce better, to consume better.

We make you discover in preview the Malakio products on the site (right there) !!

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October 18, 2021 — Ambre PUECH

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