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We chose the Volastra hoops because they remind us of the blue of the sea and the horizon plunging into the blue of the sky. A landscape of vacation and idyll.

A real little jewel full of light to wear on our ears.

The Volastra hoops are made of fine lapis lazuli heishi stone beads and gold filled gold beads. Volastra hoops are handmade.

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Details :

Fine stones lapis lazuli heishi
Gold filled beads and rings

Photo credit: Mibeia Jewelry

The Mibeia Jewelry brand

Mibeia Bijoux is a brand that was born with passion by its founder Marine.
In love with jewelry, she decided to start creating her own jewelry. In view of the success that her creations obtain in her entourage, Marine decides to embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship with Mibeia Bijoux.

The inspiration for Mibeia Bijoux comes from travel memories. Each jewel contains a story of a past journey, accumulated memories and a moment of life.
Moreover, the materials chosen by the designer remain in line with this vision: natural materials, freshwater pearls, fine stones or even mother-of-pearl give light to each collection.

The creations are made by hand, in small quantities. It is also a choice to enhance the craftsmanship and know-how of the designer through the quality of her jewelry and not the quantity, and to avoid any waste.

Everything is thought out to take us away from our daily lives and to escape by wearing our favorite Mibeia Bijoux jewels.

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