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The Great Kamino

A great care glove for everyone, to remove make-up and wash.
Gentle, effective and beautiful.

A double-sided glove:
- a fine, gently exfoliating sponge side
- a cocooning velvet side for sensitive areas

Cleanse the face, wash, to each its use with the Grand Kamino glove. A larger surface than the karré and the small kamino, the Grand Kamino is very pleasant on a daily basis.
You take care of yourself, others and the Planet thanks to our great kaminos.

Le grand Kamino is ideal for all skin types, and all types of products.

Delivery expected within 5 to 7 working days.

Our tips for use:

Whatever your ritual, moisten your great kamino before using it. Apply your product on the accessory or directly on your face then remove the cleanser using the large kamino.

The two textures (sponge and velvet) of our large kaminos adapt to different products.

The velvet side is ideal for sensitive areas: around the eyes and mouth.
Your eyes will be significantly less irritated compared to disposable cotton or other unsuitable fabric.

Our maintenance tips:

After each use, rinse your make-up remover glove.
If there are traces of makeup, we advise you to rinse it off with soap.
Wring it out and put it in your washing net while waiting for the next machine.
It is recommended to change accessories after each use or to rinse well with soap between two uses and then to machine wash.
Wash at 40°.

Composition and size:

GOTS organic cotton, vegetable and natural material suitable for the skin and the environment
Designed, cut and made in France in integration workshops.
Labels in organic cotton and made in France.
Size: 18 x 10cm

Coton bio GOTS, matière végétale et naturelle adaptée pour la peau et l'environnement

Conçu, découpé et confectionné en France dans des ateliers d'insertion.

Etiquettes en coton bio et fabriquées en France.

Taille : 18 x 10 cm

Nos conseils d'entretien

Quel que soit votre rituel, humidifiez votre grand kamino avant de l'utiliser. Appliquez votre produit sur l'accessoire ou directement sur votre visage puis enlevez le nettoyant à l'aide du grand kamino.

Les deux textures (éponge et velours) de nos grands kaminos s'adaptent aux différents produits.

Le côté velours est idéal pour les zones sensibles : contour des yeux et de la bouche.
Vos yeux seront nettement moins irrités par rapport à un coton jetable ou un autre tissu non adapté.


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